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Liquidity challenges? Come sit next to me.

Liquidity challenges & best in class advisory

Without a doubt, liquidity is the primary challenge for originators constrained by volume and margins. Many mortgage lenders have a hefty war chest of MSRs accrued over the last decade... and rightly so.

Now is the time to strategically leverage or liquidate those assets. Too often, we see desperation and unfamiliarity with the process leading to a fire sale of those assets, and that isn't necessary. It is critical to know what is selling, how it is actually priced and make smart portfolio selections with an accurate valuation before you go to market. Our MSR sale advisory team speaks to both your liquidity and capital/balance sheet requirements. We understand how to maximize your position - not just liquidation.

If you are considering MSR financing or selling your MSRs, let's have a discussion first. Use that war chest to your best advantage. Call 303.548.9869 or email

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