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Company Valuations

We bring decades of balance sheet AND mortgage banking experience.


MorVest Capital provides company valuations utilizing a proprietary valuation methodology to estimate the fair market and economic value of mortgage banking entities. MorVest has performed valuations of scores of mortgage companies in behalf of owners, prospective purchasers, estates and others.

Decades of counterparty analysis of hundreds of mortgage company's financial statements as current and former CPAs, CFOs and warehouse lenders bolsters our ability to ensure all components of value and risk are considered. Coupled with our superior understanding of MSR valuation, we offer the most credible and complete company valuations available.

Valuations are used to:

  • determine price owner/investor is willing to receive or pay to effect the sale of a business;

  • resolve disputes related to estate and gift taxation, divorce and litigation;

  • allocate business purchase price among business assets,

  • establish a formula for estimating the value of partner's ownership interest for buy-sell agreements.

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