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  • David Fleig

Risk of Non-Banks Defaulting on P&I Advances is Overstated

From Inside Mortgage Finance daily update for May 13, 2020:

The fear that nonbank MBS servicers would face a cash shortfall due to federally mandated forbearance extended to consumers isn’t turning out to be much of a crisis, at least not yet.

According to David Fleig, president and CEO of MorVest Capital, “The blanket assumption tends to be that servicers of mortgages must advance P&I [principal and interest] regardless if collected but this isn’t true for most of the Fannie Mae MSRs [mortgage servicing rights] held by the nonbanks which is of the actual/actual remittance type,” he told IMFnews. “This is very material and somehow completely overlooked,” he continued.

“Second, we are living through a period of historically low rates and thus robust refinance volume and all those payoffs go into the same P&I account as the monthly payment for MBS servicing like Ginnie Mae.”

The result: The buildup of payoff funds dramatically reduces the P&I advance requirement, a point that’s been made by other market watchers recently.

The MorVest chief noted: “In fact, we have yet to speak to a single nonbank servicer (including some of the largest in the country) that even made a P&I advance in April, and none are expected in May.”


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