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MorVest Offers $1.1B GNMA MSRs

Happy Holidays to all our friends and partners.

MorVest has one last gift for 2018.

A great way to start off the new year with a target sales date of 1/31/19. Key characteristics are as follows as of 11/30/18:

  • Principal: $1.1B

  • 76% Retail, 24% Correspondent/Wholesale

  • 83% FHA; 17% VA

  • Average FICO: 686

  • Geographically diverse - 45 states

  • Average Bal: $219,149

  • WANR: 4.1403%; WASF: 34.93 bps

  • WAOT: 360; WART: 342; AGE: 18

  • Strong average escrows 1.0% of principal

  • 6.87% total delinquencies with 3.35% in 30 day delinquents

Bid deadline is 6pm CT Thursday January 3, 2019. If you would like to see a prospectus, please use the following link:

Loan level data will be furnished only under an NDA. About MorVest Capital MorVest Capital is a financial services advisory firm specializing in liquidity and capital solutions for mortgage bankers, including MSR accumulation, valuation, finance and brokerage. MorVest Analytics, a division of MorVest Capital, is a premier MSR analytics and valuation service provider with dozens of banks and IMB clients ranging from small players new to the space to the some of the largest companies in the industry. For more information go to or email If you have questions about this offering please contact us as follows: David Fleig 281.980.0757 Ruth Lee 303.548.9869 John Sullivan 972.743.6249

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