• David Fleig

$102 Million FHLMC Bulk Servicing Offering

Sugar Land, TX - MorVest Capital, an industry leader in liquidity and balance sheet advisory services, is the exclusive agent for a $102MM FHLMC bulk mortgage servicing portfolio. The seller is an a privately held mortgage company.

Key characteristics are as follows as of 8/31/18:

  • Principal: $102 Million

  • 100% Retail

  • Average FICO: 753

  • Average Bal: $124,366

  • WANR: 3.99%; WASF: 25 bps

  • WAOT: 321.5; WART: 279.6

  • Strong average escrows 1.8% of principal

  • Very low 1.9% total delinquency - 0 FC - 0 BK

MorVest CEO David Fleig noted the seller has never had a repurchase and has a very clean portfolio.

The bid deadline is 5PM CT Thursday September 27, 2018. Loan level data will be furnished only under an NDA.

For more information go to https://www.morvestcap.com/trades or email dfleig@morvestcap.com.

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