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Servicing-Released Premiums the Best They’ve Been in Years?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

By Paul Muolo


Servicing-released premiums on conventional whole loans sold into the secondary market are the best they’ve been in at least five years – and perhaps longer – thanks to higher interest rates, according to interviews conducted this week by IMFnews.

“We’ve seen a consistent increase in MSR values since early in the first quarter as a result of greater degrees of certainty for higher interest rates,” said Tom Piercy, managing director of Incenter Mortgage Advisors, Denver.

“While the rate curve is not anticipated to be steep, confidence is high that rates will trend higher, hence less volatility around MSR values,” he added. “Combine this with lower production volume and we are seeing SRPs from aggregators increase.”

David Fleig, CEO of MorVest Capital, Houston, called current SRP values “eye-popping.” He noted: “We’ve seeing some very aggressive bids from the big players.” For more information, see the upcoming edition of Inside Mortgage Trends, available online Friday.

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